About Smittys GlassWax and the UK Smittys Crew.

US Beginnings Smittys Glass Wax originated in California, USA just a few years ago. The product was conceived, tested, manufactured and then marketed by direct sales at local US consumer shows where it proved immensely popular. Smittys offered a cleaner for glasses that would give an immediate super clean and leave a wax layer for protection. This layer meant only a quick buff was needed to re-clean between applications and therefore the glasses would stay “clean4weeks” (just like a car wax). usaThe product appealed to all generations with its ability to be used not just on spectacles but also on smart phones, tablets and a large number of glass associated items. Later it was realised that its unique formulae could be used to clean other materials too. Within a comparatively short space of time the word on Smittys got out across US Online and a great many positive reviews started circulating. Several reviewers also reported it had similar qualities to ecological glass wax products their grand parents had loved using in the past. Soon local US TV stations were featuring it in product videos and Etailers were offering it on US Ecommerce sites. From very humble beginnings Smittys has now sold over 100,000 Bottles in California alone!   UK Beginnings usa.pngOn a trip to the States, Graham Fenton heard about Smittys GlassWax and got hold of a bottle. Impressed by its qualities he saw an opportunity to market the product in the UK and placed a sample order. From his business base in Swindon, Wiltshire he took part in local test marketing, exploring in particular, selling via retail and direct to the public. Small local retailers and IT and craft shows were chosen to test the acceptance of the product in these types of market. stands Several lessons were learned during these marketing exercises and the decision was made to move forward to a full UK Distribution position and to form a new company for this purpose.   As we set about putting everything in place a few weeks went by…….   Then people started calling, asking if we could supply Smittys GlassWax from here in the UK?   We’d done no advertising at all and no marketing other than the local marketing mentioned above.   How did people know about us and Smittys?   It seems that we had underestimated how many people in the UK wanted a really good glass cleaner and were spending a lot of time surfing the net to try and find it. Our listing on a Gadget Fairs web site for a show in Bristol we attended (just once) was still appearing online and the Great British public had tracked us down from there…   It was now crystal clear (as newly Smitty’d spectacles) that we had to get on the web fast and give UK users the opportunity to purchase this great product from a company this side of the ”pond”, Now to be known as SMITTYS AMAZING GLASSWAX.

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