How it works

Only Smitty knows the secret formula but we do know that no eyeglass/touch screen cleaning system gets any better than this!!


What it does is…

CLEANS (removes grease, oils, finger marks) POLISHES (lays down a protective surface that will stay “clean 4 weeks”) & WAXES (makes re-cleaning so ezy)


How 1

We’re not rocket scientists but we think it works something like this.

The molecule structure of whatever you clean with Smittys changes and creates a microscopic film that seals out dirt and contaminates, keeping them away from the surface, thus keeping your specs/phone etc. cleaner for longer. And making it much easier to clean again next time, good eh!


How 2


Use it only on your glasses or touch screen and one small bottle could last you 5 years. But its fun to share, so why not say “GET THE SMITTYS” and try some other applications?

Anything Smooth

  • Bikes

  • CD’s

  • Dive Masks

  • E Readers

  • Frying Pans

  • GPS’s

  • Home Appliances

  • IPads

  • Jazz Instruments

  • Kryptonite (unless your Superman)

  • Leather

  • Mirrors

  • Dog Collars

  • Number Plates,

  • Orbs,

  • Plastic

  • Quavers (not really)

  • Routers

  • Steel

  • Telephones

  • Vans Mirrors

  • Watch Faces

  • Xenon Headlamps

  • Yacht Plotters

  • Zippos

  • And Loads more …U Name It!

Large Bottle

Wow looks like we’re going to need the 16oz Family bottle

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