Pilgrimage to the home of Smitty’s Glasswax

In May 2015 Graham, headed out to Smitty’s US HQ to get the latest lowdown direct from beautiful Pasadena. This is how things went:

“On an incredibly boring 12 hour flight to Los Angeles LAX from London Heathrow with just my handy Smittys Bottles and Cloths for company, my mind drifts towards Smitty Glasswax uses on board. If I hadn’t been told to stay in my seat, as turbulence was expected, I could have retrieved my 16 oz Family Bottle from my hand luggage and shined up the plane and its passengers Specs and Hand Helds no problem. As it was I survived, as you do in Hospital, by breaking the time into segments between, meals, drinks, loo visits etc.
With the flight over I felt well prepared to breeze through US Customs as I had replaced my normal working clothes with a traveling outfit very close to pajamas and slippers. No need for belts, shoes or watches requiring removal and refitting and as my Smittys Mobile Pack consisted of just a 1 fl oz Bottle with Micro Fibre Cloth in a Micro Fibre Pouch it fitted easily into my small pocket..
Despite all precautions when it came to Immigration I couldn’t  help but wonder if something dubious from my past would appear as I was palm and finger printed but I made it through and headed for luggage reclaim.

To be continued…… Pasadena Home

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