The Large Economy 16 oz Family Bottle & Large Microfiber Cloth




The new Amazing Smittys Glass Wax 16oz All Surface All-purpose Cleaner. cleans, polishes and protects your surfaces. Works great as an additional household and auto cleaner. Use Smittys on all your glass windows and mirrors, counter tops, LCD TV & computer screens, stainless steel, plastic, vinyl, wood, all appliances indoor and outdoor! As well as all your auto cleaning needs: leather, chrome, paint, rubber and much more. Includes one large microfiber cloth that is washable and will last you forever!

The high volume Economy sized large 16oz bottle comes with one large micro fibre cloth. For uses all around the home or office this size represents amazing value for money. Sixteen times as much Smitty as in the Blister Pack for under Six times the price! Can also be used to re-fill your smaller bottles.

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