Can You Sell Smittys!

You know the story of Smittys Glass Wax and how fast sales are growing but could you become part of Smitty’s Reseller Crew? Maybe just by making some extra cash selling to colleagues at work or distributing to small outlets.



Or what about enjoying meeting the public by selling direct to consumers at shows and fairs?



Retailers bring new customers and extra margin into your stores by installing and window advertising self demonstration units, offering customers A FREE CLEAN of their glasses or touch screens?



What about combining Smittys with your usual product sale (Ski Goggles, Mobile Phone Cases, etc.) as a value added bolt on. OR Sell Smittys Online within your own specialist market. OR Something Else?

If you think you can, we can, back you all the way……Talk to the Crew on 01793-322633

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