What’s Your View on Smitty’s GlassWax!

We really want your feedback on Smittys.

What do you clean with Smittys?

Glasses, Touch Screens, sure but what else?

Large Screen TV’s, Bathroom Mirrors, Microwaves, Motor Bike Goggles? Or Perhaps You Found A New *Surface To Clean?

What do you think of Smittys?

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Some UK Site Feedback:

“The cleaner arrived in Thailand today
Just tried it …seems great
Thank you 😎”
Emma, February 2018

“I am SOOOO IMPRESSED with SMITTYS GLASS CLEANER! My glasses are back to as new, am well impressed and can’t wait to use on all other smooth surfaces. I came across Smittys purely by sheer chance and usually, if it looks too good to be true, it is BUT, this is even better! I bought a double pack to try n save money and now I can’t wait to give the second pack to my Mother. I am so happy with this I can’t wait to shout out about to all those that I know. SMITTYS IS BRILLIANT and brings back that newness shine to my glasses and tablet etc etc etc. Thank you!”
Miss K Cornwell, February 2017, South East England

“Thank you very much for all the attention, care and effort that you put in the solution of the question I placed. I received my order today, it arrived in perfect condition”
Américo, January 2017, Amadora

“Hey! I just heard about Smitty’s GlassWax from a friend that said it’s amazing for getting back that slick “new glass” feel on your phone.”
Max, December 2016, Amsterdam

“Hello Graham
As promised I’m sending you my review of Smitty’s glass wax. I’m very impressed with it. I have 4 pairs of spectacles and I normally have to clean them at least once a day when I use them but Smitty’s works so well that I have only had to clean them once every few days. I haven’t tried it on large areas but I’m sure it would be just as good.
I hope you will be successful with this new venture and good luck for the future.
Mrs G. P.,  May 2015, Madeira

Whilst our feedback comes in, here are some other testimonials we found from the good old USA – there are lots of reviews out there…….

“Love it, AWESOME for touch screens and LCD’s”

I LOVE this stuff. It’s awesome for touch screens and LCD’s. I normally go a week or two at least between wax usage, even on my everyday use items like iPad and iPhone.

I hate finger prints and smudges etc, and was looking for quite a while for a safe and effective way to clean these types of items that wouldn’t harm them.

I ran across Smitty’s Glass Wax. I was very sceptical and would not have bought it if I hadn’t been in the store and seen it in action. Sales rep pulled out his phone, showed it to me, then cleaned it.

I was starting to be impressed so I handed him my iPod touch and he cleaned it, and the difference was AMAZING. It looked like new. I bought the wax on the spot, went home and started cleaning everything, laptop screens, iPad, iPods, Android Phones.

It doesn’t just work on glass, it works on “anything smooth” (as the rep told me), and I’ve really put that to the test, cleaned glasses, touch screens, LCD’s, plastic, metal, I even used it on a polished rock once.
Also, once you’ve cleaned with the wax, you do NOT need to use it every time–you can use only the microfiber cloth to wipe the screen for the next several cleanings/days, and its back to pristine condition .

RT Aug 2014

“I wasn’t sure if I believed the advertising for this product (seemed too good to be true). But its turned out to be very good. I expect this quantity will last quite a long while as it takes very little to do the job. I am one of those people who can not stand for my eyeglasses to be smudged or dirty.

I read and use the computer a lot and if my lenses are dirty it’s very distracting for me. These are a great gift idea for those who wear eyeglasses or sunglasses. I’ve got one in my car, at my office and at home. Plus I’ve got the wax at home when renewal is in order. It’s a neat product that works well.
MRS. H July 2014.

“My Dad gave me one of these and I liked it so much I bought 4 more to share with family and friends. It cleans are removes static which a tracks dirt. IT can even fill in fine scratches and makes you glasses look crystal clear.”

Harry Jones Oct 2014


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