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Smittys Amazing Glasswax

Unique Wax Formulae Cleans & Keeps Clean!

The fact that you’ve found the home of Smittys Amazing GlassWax in the UK, tells us that like many people, you’ve been searching for a definitive cleaner for your precious spectacles, touch screens and other life style aids with glass surfaces.

It’s likely that until now, you’ve been using a liquid spray-on cleaner with some kind of cloth or tissue, or maybe you’ve just used your shirt.

The bad news is:

  • Lots of cleaning sprays contain harmful additives such as alcohol and ammonia. In the long term they can damage your glass lenses and optics, especially high value coated lenses.
  • If you spray a little too much liquid on touch screens, monitors etc. it can seep around screen edges and if it gets inside the casing can damage the internal electronics.
  • Standard household cleaning cloths, carry cases and paper based products such as tissues and kitchen towel very often contain abrasive wood based elements.

Of course if you have taken all precautions to limit any damage, you may have found that your usual spray cleaner does the job well enough. BUT, how long is it before you find yourself re-applying the spray and cleaning again to remove those pesky fingerprints and smears? People have told us that on average, they clean their spectacles and touch screens up to three times a day, more if there in an active profession!

Well congratulations, because the good news is:

You have now found Smittys Glass Wax and the Crew that introduced the UK to this exceptional new cleaner brought in from across the ‘pond’.

Smitty’s Glass Wax is the answer to your glass cleaning problems!

Not only does Smittys Glass Wax provide you with an immediate SUPERCLEAN result, but one tiny dab and its protective and dirt repelling qualities also give you a ‘CLEAN-4-WEEKS’ protective coating that merely requires a quick re-buff with your supplied microfibre cloth between applications. It’s organic based too.

So, the benefits are as clear as your glasses should be:

CLEANS                            POLISH                                  WAX
Removes Oil & Muck        Stays Cleaner Longer         Easier to Clean Later

 Please check out our site and all the things people say about Smittys then try it for yourself. If you don’t love it, return it for 100% money back *GUARANTEED! (Terms Apply)

Available in ‘Ez Carry’ individual, Spray for large area cleaning or  Large Family Size packs –  buy it here at our Online shop!

* 100% money back! If you don’t like it… just return it with the original packaging within 14 days.

What could you use it for?

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